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I forgive anything for pretty art...

even kaoru-chan and ukemaru

Goldie's doujinshi scans
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Welcome to chinkofairy, goldie's doujinshi scans community!

Given my multi-fandom nature, all of my scans will now be kept and posted here. This community was set up originally by mousapelli and I as a gift for marksykins. However, all three of us decided that the (in-jokish) username was too appropriate not to be used for my doujinshi scans, so... here we are. Apologies for the older posts that aren't doujinshi-related.

♠ The list of my doujinshis is in this post.
♠ I currently own doujinshis for Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go, Bleach and Naruto.
♠ I take scanning requests when I have time.
♠ Host links should be permanent as I have paid accounts at the sites, but please let me know if one isn't working.

Enjoy! ♥


★ All posts are friends-locked, so you will need to join the community to see them.
★ Please don't redistribute my scans to other communities/forums outside of LJ. I generally post them to aarinfantasy myself.
★ Feel free to use them for layouts, headers and icons; whatever you like. Mentioning me somewhere is appreciated, but not required :).
★ If you'd like to translate then please let me know! My spreadsheet lists which books have been claimed for translation already, and my scans are available to scanlation groups if you ask.
★ One of the main reasons I scan stuff is so I can chat about the awesomeness with other people. So! It's always appreciated when people comment ♥.

All scans are copyright of the doujinkas. I scan and post them here to merely share the joy and hopefully get them translated into English so I can understand them. Please buy your own copies and support the doujinkas! I buy mine from jpqueen, nekotachi, ebay and from private sale posts, although there are others places online to buy them.

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