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We Should Not Be Left Unattended

As you all know, marksykins will be MIA for the next ten days while she soaks up sun and South American culture, so goldie and I thought we should teach her a lesson:

Namely, that Marks should not leave us to our own devices for ten whole days.

Basically the plan is for as many people as possible to post as many random things as possible to this comm. Fic, strange MS Paint doodles, icons, long rambles about what you are doing with your Marksless time, whatever you like!

Some of Marks's fandoms (I'm not sure it's actually possible to write a comprehensive list of Marks's fandoms, but here are the highlights):

Prince of Tennis (Including all the myus), Hikaru no Go, Kyou Kara Maou, Bleach, Death Note, Harry Potter, Akihabara@deep, Aim for the Sky!, Slam Dunk, Ouran Host Club High, Saiyuki, Heroes (esp Hiro).

It should also be noted that Marks loves crossovers and pastiche, so if you want to write the Prince of Tennis rock band…oh wait, that's been done…or the Akihabara crew cosplaying…damn, that has too…WELL, if you want to write something that HAS NEVER CANONICALLY HAPPENED, go crazy.

But remember, Marks will be back on January 5th, so let's all work hard!

If you are completely lacking in inspiration, here's a list of prompts (you may note a theme):

1. Baggage
2. Jet lag
3. Completely lost
4. Teensy Tiny Umbrellas
5. All suited up
6. The native cuisine
7. Language barrier
8. Unattended packages
9. Exotic Fruits
10. Souvenirs
11. Messsages from home
12. Out of contact
13. Coming home

Or, unrelatedly, for the New Year:

14. Kisses at Midnight
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