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Ok. So, as we all know I had these grand plans to write you a witty and wonderful little piece of H/D fluff where they are sent on Auror training assignment to Buenos Aires. It would open with Harry sitting on the patio of a quiet little cafe, enjoying the scenery and swirling a little purple umbrella around in his icy cold Mojito. Enter a very disgruntled and dirty Malfoy who had refused to take Harry's advice on travel and had ended up Apparating himself some 30 miles away from the designation in the middle of a cattle field.

Malfoy would then scowl and call Harry a git and proceed to flop himself into the open seat across from him and turn, in his oh so snotty way, to the waitress and say "Déme un trabajo del soplo."

So begins a lovely scene in which the waitress begins screaming at Malfoy in spanish and even manages a few decent slaps to his head while Harry leans back and laughs whole heartedly at the situation. Then there would be some boy touching and smex.

But... I suck.

So you get nothing.

Wentz: is a daddy wtf? :D
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Yo. Sugarmummeh. :D

So the Hikaru no Go fever has raged on while you were gone. SO MUCH LOVE. OMG! And I've gone insane making love posts and screencaps and.. etc. ANYWAY! While searching for HnG AMV on Youtube (and finding some gorgeous ones), I found this one...

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Four Fics Por Vous!

Oh Marks. I meant to write you one of these every day and be all impressive but I'm a procrastinator at heart so here go some last-minute drabbles demonstrating my love, or at least my mutual fondness.

Hey, so an added note? These drabbles suck, length-wise, and spread to the realm of ficlets (maybe). So you don't have to read them all, but um...yeah. All unbeta'd.

Title: With Eyes We See
Fandom: Bleach/Death Note
Rating: G
Notes: Oh crack.

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Title: Seigaku Got It Wrong
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: NC-17
Notes: The orgy you wanted, minus two people because they were off doing something else I guess. :/

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Title: The Tigger Clock
Fandom: Ouran
Rating: PG-13/Wannabe R
Notes: I hear you like this pairing? I used the prompt of "souvenirs."

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Title: Internal Keymash
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Rating: PG
Notes: It's nearly four in the morning and I am still writing. I sort of hate my life right now. In the good way! ... >.> Used the prompt of "jet lag." Is very AU, since I've only seen, what, 27 eps? Maybe you should just skip this one. :/

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DN/PoT x-over fic

Dear Marks,

This fic is full of crack. :/

It has Aozu and Cap to Bin, because canon boyband AUs are awesome, and it's actually the sequel to this fic, which should probably be read first, also because I fail at new and exciting fic ideas. There was Ryoma/L in that, and there is Fuji/Raito and InuTezu in this. Plus a surprise!

None of mousapelli's prompts, alas, but I hope it makes you smile anyway.

Love, Mei

I met Death and he has blue eyes
Death Note/Prince of Tennis, PG, Fuji/Raito, 1772 words

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